Sono (No Sleep & Elastik)

  • The summer has well & truly departed but that's no reason to feel glum as Sono returns with another monthly instalment of deep/tech house goodness . . . To kick things of we would like to thank last month's guests, Junior (Sensu) & Tiger Yang (Shimmy) for providing an amazing soundtrack to a great party. So now let's dive straight into this month's shenanigans . . . Adam Watt & Why Eleven? (No Sleep) "No Sleep" consists of Adam Watt and Why Eleven, a DJ/Production duo with a forward thinking, deep house ethos. Adam has been DJ'ing in Glasgow for several years and is guaranteed to provide a cutting edge sound that is rarely heard in Glasgow. "Why Eleven" is quickly establishing himself as a talented DJ/Producer whose skills are sure to take him to the next level in the near future. Together they provide a unique audio experience that sets them apart from the crowds of DJ's currently trying to establish themselves in Glasgow. Past guests at No Sleep have included Agnes, Langenberg, Ramadanman, Martin Dawson, Manik, Midland, Youandewan & Steffi. Friday 9th September "No Sleep" bring the legendary SecretSundaze Party to Glasgow with Giles Smith, George Fitzgerald & Brawther. Dynamode (Elastik) Elastik is a brand new club night in a brand new night club. Bringing some of the finest house, tech and deep house and sharing it with Glasgow through the speakers of Chambre 69's Funktion One sound system. Glasgow based Dynamode was started in early 2010 by two friends, Gary Campbell and John Smyth. The two were brought together over a love of good music and an overwhelming happiness to make noise. In the short time they have been producing they have already caught the attention of several record labels, signing their first twelve tracks within a year. Things are looking good for Dynamode and if the first year is anything to go by then 2011 should be even better! So whatever your plans are make sure you make us your first stop, the only pre-party you need. Superb drink promos, great atmosphere & most importantly the only place to hear quality house music for FREE before hitting the club !
  • Sono (No Sleep & Elastik) - Flyer front