AND festival present Dopplereffekt - Neutrino

  • Venue
    Scandinavian Seaman’s Church
    • 138 Park Lane; Liverpool; L1 8HG ; United Kingdom
  • Attending
    • 3
  • "Dopplereffekt is one of the strangest and most mysterious units on the electronic music scene today. Only a handful of interviews with the group exist, and live appearances are likewise a rare occurrence. One thing we do know about the group is its apparent love of experimental physics, with song titles such as Calabi-Yau Manifold, Linear Accelerator and Myon-Neutrino appearing on recent records. Continuing this interest in the farther reaches of science, Neutrino is a new project, that will use astrophysics lectures as the basis for a involving audio visual performance. Neutrino is brought to you in cooperation with AND festival and the Max Planck institute for Astrophysics."