M.Deep.Music Invites You To An Evening with Harlum Muziq

  • Hello to you, our fellow HOUSE MUSIC fan :) We are Harlum Muziq and would like to personally invite you down to the Endup on Sunday evening September 18th for a night of house music. Plain and simple. First, who or what is Harlum Muziq and why should you care. Well, let us introduce ourselves. .. Harlum Muziq is the dj and production duo of David HARness & Chris LUM. Hence the name Harlum. David & Chris have been dj’s in the Bay Area for longer than they may care to tell you. They have also been making music together since the late 1990’s. No doubt, over the years you have danced and played many of their original productions and remixes. They have never really been vocal in public about their work and creativity...they are the type of guys that prefer to let the music speak for them. However, after all these years of doing their thing and DJ’ing around the world, it was felt it was time to bring together a community of like minded people who enjoy dancing, hanging out and having a good time. We want our home town to be the best place to play. So we asked our good friend Monica Linabury from m.deep.music and our Harlum family- Ivan Ruiz to join us in putting this night together. We are very happy they said “Oh Hell Yeah”. What we see happening in the scene today is a whole community of people who seem to be separated from each other. Each of us in our own mini communities. While, we get why this has happened, we want to do our part to help bring people together through music. As many songs have said “Like we used to”. While we aren’t looking to re-hash the past, we do want to create a new future, a new story. One that draws from the past to inform the future. Our goal in doing this event is to provide a dance floor in SF with a night of past present and future music and to plant the seed of a culture that we hope to see bloom again. We can only be one part of this. We need you, our friends, our fans and those who simply love house music- in all it’s colors- to come together and build again a culture in this amazing city. A culture that reflects the colors, shapes, styles and diversity that is San Francisco. As always, we invite you to RSVP for FREE entry Before 10PM by clicking "Attending" here on Facebook or by sending your FIRST/LAST name (sorry NO +1s) to [email protected] by Noon the day of the party! SET TIMES FOR THIS MONTH'S EVENT: David 8p-12a Chris 12a-2a Ivan 2a-4a Hope to have you join us! ~ Lum, Harness, Ivan, Allen and Monica.... Listen to some tunes from the Harlum Family :here: David Harness (Harlum Muziq, Thread Recordings) http://djdavidharness.com/ (Official Website) Chris Lum (Harlum Muziq, Moulton Media) http://www.moultonmedia.net/ (Moulton Media) Ivan Ruiz (Harlum Muziq, Hidden Cove, Delta Funk) http://djivan831.podomatic.com/ (Podcast) Allen Craig (Harlum Muziq, Yerba Buena Discos) http://soundcloud.com/yerbabuenadiscos (Soundcloud)
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