The Get Up! feat. Lord Finesse

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    Lord Finesse DJ Sheep Nick Arks Manchild Plus! Class A Lotus and more
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  • It’s the return of the funky man! Lord Finesse of the legendary Diggin’ in the crates (D.I.T.C) crew is back in Melbourne for a special DJ set at Laundry. If you've never seen Finesse DJ before, you're DEFINITELY in for a treat. Known for possessing an amazing amount of exclusive material, Lord Finesse will have beat diggers’ jaws dropping as he unveils some SERIOUS heat on the breakbeat and sample tip. Lord Finesse's sets are also jam packed with classic hip hop, in addition to exclusive remixes and other treats. Such as? Well, you'll have to come and see Finesse unleash his arsenal on the turntables to find out! Finesse has recently garnered major hype from his park jam sets in New York’s Crotona Park, as well as the “Diggers Delight” event (also held in New York). Australia was given a small taste of his DJ skills on his last tour – don’t miss his debut "solo DJ” tour of Australia! For those not familiar with Lord Finesse, he has recorded three albums with D.I.T.C, as well as his classic solo albums “The Funky Technician”, “Return Of The Funky Man” and “The Awakening”. Aside from being MC royalty, he also produced beats for numerous hip hop heavyweights, including The Notorious B.I.G, Dr. Dre, Big L, and many, many more. Those in the game who can MC, produce and DJ are few in number – and not many come close to besting Lord Finesse in any of these skills, let alone all three. Come and and see Finesse play the role of a DJ, you will NOT leave disappointed! All for $20! tix @ on sale 25th August Laundry Bar 50 Johnston St Fitzroy 3065
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