Go Out Invites Kez Ym

  • Venue
    Elvis Bar
    • Valaoritou 31 54625 Thessaloníki
  • Date
    Thu, 29 Sep 201123:00 - 06:00
  • Promoter
    Go Out Productions
  • Attending
    • 54
  • ̸


    Kez Ym ( Yore rec. ) D.Art ( rsd Elvis Bar )
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  • Kez YM is a producer/DJ from Japan. 2008 he debuted from Rotterdam's 4lux recordings. "Sweetly Confused EP" was played by Moodymann, Cassy and many more. in 2009 he signed with YORE records from Cologne and released "City Soul EP". these Detroit House/Beatdown sounds were supported by many international DJs and the track "Washing My Heart" was included Cassy's mix CD "Simply Devotion". Since then he has European tour every year and already played more than 25 gigs in Europe. His set is a mixture of Detroit/Chicago Deep House/Funk/Disco/Afro etc and it rocked dance floors all over Japan and Europe, not only big clubs in Berlin/Tokyo but also many local parties. He was chosen by the Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto 2007 as a first Japanese participant. info: http://www.facebook.com/kezym.official press http://www.whatpeopleplay.com/?redirect=%2Fnews_events%2Fdetail%2F1865 http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/daily-news/post/13/0/1094 http://www.banq.de/spezial.php?id=62 http://www.textura.org/archives/articles/kezym_top10.htm mix http://www.djbroadcast.nl/news/newsitem_id=5747/Download_de_DJB148_podcast_Kez_YM.html http://www.yore-records.com/podcast.php http://www.darkaudio.co.uk/livefeed/archives/1324 http://www.melbournedeepcast.net/portfolio/012-kez-ym/ http://soundcloud.com/kezym/kez-ym-60hz-3raum release 12" Kez YM - Sweetly Confused EP - 4lux (2008) Kez YM - City Soul EP - YORE (2009) Kez YM - Butterfly EP - YORE (2009) VA - Beyond The Reef EP - Deep Explorer (2010) VA - Tokyo Connection EP - YORE (2010) remix: Woop - The Mutha (Kez YM remix) - The Mutha EP - BaxxBeatMusic (2010) Red Rack'em - Pressure (Kez YM Remix) - Home Taping Recordings (2010) Kay Suzuki - Life Is Like A Spiral Feat Chrisophe Richards (Kez YM Remix) - Altered State EP - Round In Motion (2010) Frank Booker - Tell Them (Kez YM remix) - Wonderful Noise (2011) Alex James - The Theory of democracy (Kez YM remix) - Composite record (2011) compilation / mix CD CASSY IN THE MIX - SIMPLY DEVOTION - Cocoon (2009) HARLEY & MUSCLE - Addicted To House 8 (presented by Harley & Muscle) - Soulstar (2010)
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