Unknown Pleasures with dj Chris Price

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    Chris Price
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  • summer pool parties were a big success, but we are very much looking forward to our return to more intimate venues. little miss whiskey's is one of our favorite dc hangouts...come join us for a special thursday night underground dance party!! about 'Unknown Pleasures': "Influenced in equal parts by classic club nights of the 80s/90s at venues like Paradise Garage and the Hacienda as well as modern New York City parties thrown by the likes of DFA, ‘Unknown Pleasures’ intends to offer up an eclectic selection of music that is simultaneously underground and accessible. Expect to hear a mix that will weave through modern and classic synthpop, classic house, indie/alternative electronic, and nu disco all in the course of an evening. Take note: top 40 and commercial hip-hop aren’t included on the ‘Unknown Pleasures’ menu, so if you’re hoping to get down to radio hits, you may have to look elsewhere."
  • Unknown Pleasures with dj Chris Price - Flyer front