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    Bon Bon residents plus special guests Messy Fingers
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  • After a triumphant July and a scorching August, Bon Bon continues its current run of form this month hosting another spectacular evening of dancing, decadence and debauchery. Following officially the "shittiest summer on record", 181 Upper Street has remained one of the few beacons of delectation in a London which resembles a fictional post-economistic dystopia. Bon Bon are very pleased to announce that on Saturday 24th September our friends Messy Fingers will be hosting a special Rock n Roller-coaster of an evening upstairs. Famed for their eclectic music and acclaimed visuals they promise to deliver the "bestest night of your life, or you can have your door money back!" http://leonhatcher.wordpress.com/aural-flights/messy-fingers/ As ever, upstairs will have a distinct retro-housparty feel, with proper Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Swing, Jazz, and classic old-time hits played across two delectable lounges with vintage sofas, fireplaces and chandeliers. Downstairs in the Ballroom, folks will dance and drink themselves into the future listening to the finest indie and electronic music. There’s a large open dance-floor, disco balls, custom visuals and a huge bar well equipped for thirsty hipsters.
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