roBOt Festival 4: Beat.Inc, Andrea Sartori& Julian Carax, Hundred Cinema and Many More

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    h.19.00Loggia OH...CRISTO! * h.20.45Salone del Podestà LTDANCE PROJECT * h.21.00Loggia LUCA AGNANI * h.21.00Loggia JULIEN NOYER * h.21.00Loggia EVERYTHING. NEVER * h.21.30Loggia Anderedo * h.21.30Loggia LUCKYASSEMBLER * h.21.30Salone del Podestà HUNDRED CINEMA. * h.22.00Salone del Podesta' ANDREA SARTORI & JULIAN CARAX * h.23.00Salone del Podestà BEAT INC.
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  • Born from the collaboration on the “It’s all about making notes” album (credited to John Hed & Nik), and then going on to consolidating himself with his experiences Sound Inc. and Original Cultures: The Formula, the duo B Kun and Hed, aka Fabrizio “B.Kun” Pollice and Edoardo “Hed” Amati. They have combined the experience of a virtuous turntable winner in the prestigious Ida Show Category World Champions with a rhythmic touch by a drummer that can boast important comparisons like QuestLove and Dj Dilla. Sartori & Julian Carax Andrea Sartori, also known as Deepalso. Founder of Homework Festival and has been performing on the Italian electronic scene for over than ten years. A continuous study not only in the borderlines between electronic, dance, lounge and acoustic contamination which are culminated in important albums like Tagliacode (released by Persona), but also in the creation of his own instrument, the sartofono and the resulting immersion of Italian electronic jazz. Julian Carax, or known as Lorenzo Rattini. member of Frida-X, versatile drummer and a great lover of sounds from the 70s. Together they form a powerful duo that multiplies the sound to reduce and synthesize it, where the fusion and friction of borderline sounds is once again the protagonist in a temporary voyage between jazz and funk, acid electronic and space-rock groove. In two words: passion and creativity.
  • roBOt Festival 4: Beat.Inc, Andrea Sartori& Julian Carax, Hundred Cinema and Many More - Flyer front