roBOt Festival 4 Day 2: Bjorn Torske, Alexander Robotnick, Low Low ,

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    roBOt Festival 2 day at Cassero h.23.30 LOWLOW * h.01.30 BJORN TORSKE * h.03.00 Alexander Robotnick
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  • Bjorn Torske Norwegian. Year of 1971. Bjorn has been and is many things. With an imense love of ‘cooking’ music himself he even went as far as recording his last album in a basement, totally without windows, taking advantage of those wonderful reverberations and echos an underground hole offers. He plays folk for speleologists in a way we just couldn’t describe in words, how he cooks his House on a stove, made of a synthesis from the most varied influences; Moondog to House, Baldelli’s disco to electrocustic and from Ariel Pink to Durutti Column. Alexander Robotnick A cult producer since 1983, the year that a notorious track Problèmes d'amour for Materiali Sonori / Sire-Wea was released. Robotnick has known how to reinvent himself more than once. He didn’t return until 2002, after a long digression in World Music, to the origins of his own sound. Since then he has written new and memorable dance pages divulging his own word as a producer with wize analogical taste (a real must to listen to is "Rare Robotnick's" – a collection of vintage tracks distributed in Italy by Audioglobe) and as a Dj set armed with laptop (an example of his style can be heard in "The Disco Tech of ... Alexander Robotnick"), with humour (another gem “Italcimenti - Under Construction” is a a joking response to the Italo-Scandinavian fashion dated 2005) and with a encyclopedic knowledge of the electronic dance culture Low Low Up against live electronics since the 90s at Link in Bologna, Mayo ( also known as Soulomon and LowLow) has deepened a personal taste for the sounds and magic of underground club that was practically lost when techno and house came on the scene. Over the last few years, his business has moved into the studio but still holding the door open for Djing at selected cult clubs. Amidst the labels that have sponsored his productions are mainly American such as Mathematics, Recondite, Underground Quality, Deep4Life,
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  • roBOt Festival 4 Day 2: Bjorn Torske, Alexander Robotnick, Low Low , - Flyer front