• Akcja lato w Metrze - wstęp do 22.00 FREE, po 22.00 - 9zł Muzyka? Rytmiczna, minimalistyczna, trochę organiczna, trochę syntetyczna. Zapraszamy. Tagträumer² – (BlackFoxMusic/ Berlin) "Robert Stolt is a music lover of special kind. Since he was six years old he learned to play different instruments and therefore continuously picked up new styles of music that ranges from classical through jazz to modern sounds. Robert’s listening to his large and still growing vinyl collection got him interested in making music himself. Looking at the various record-covers and experience other produced stuff, he often got into daydreaming about how it would be to let people share his dreams through his own music. At the age of sixteen buying DJ-equipment turned his creative imaginations into reality. He discovered electronic music for himself and as a tool to make people party on the dance floors but also think about it. Robert quickly found a Dj-partner embodied in Andreas Wolff who shared his first daydreams. Soon after the establishment of the project “Tagträumer²” in 2003, they got several gigs in their region. Soon after their radical and innovating sets found a regular home in the legendary and well known Tresor. Furthermore, working hard in the studio finally paid off when synergizing with the Berlin based Label BlackFoxMusic in 2007 and publishing the first single Capisce. This single sold worldwide and made them highly attractive to club across the continent and beyond playing audiences from Warsaw, Rotterdam through to San Francisco. After the first success the music business got interested in Tagträumer², working sleepless nights in the studio, remixing and developing new material like " Repetition Is Change" or "Journey To Jimi " raised the question to become professional musicians. Roberts’s decision was clear. Since 2008 Tagträumer² is a one man show but the new productions are still outstanding and can be found in the record collection of many well known Dj..s like Laurent Garnier or Technasia. In early 2009, alongside his DJ jobs, Robert developed a Live-set concept to go on tour with from October 2009 on. Tagträumer² Robert will start touring around several cities in Germany but will also pay a visit to destinations abroad like Shanghai, Leeds, Vienna or Basel. Till the present day Robert still admires vinyl and can’t help his daydreaming. That’s the reason why black records are still piling up to the ceiling and fill numerous shaky racks. Lets hope the records won..t burry him while he..s daydreaming (Tagträumen) about his new tracks!" http://www.myspace.com/dietagtraeumer http://soundcloud.com/tagtraumer-2 Cyryl - Przez ostatni rok przybyło mu 5.5 kilo żywej wagi oraz 3 razy tyle kilogramów niemieckich winyli z Berlina z 2005-2008rok. On jadał tak często, że co tydzień zmieniał żarówkę w lodówce. :] http://soundcloud.com/cyryl imidi - brutalny fanatyk płyt winylowych, jego niepohamowana miłość do muzyki elektronicznej pojawiła się wraz z pierwszymi ultra dźwiękami rave'owymi, poprzez pure techno końca lat 90', następnym przystankiem okazała się szeroko pojęta muzyka house aby definitywnie móc odnaleźć się między dwoma ów jakże ważnymi mu gatunkami minimal house groove. Namiastkę tej mieszanki można zasmakować pod linkiem: http://soundcloud.com/dj-imidi/minigroove Z początkiem bieżącego roku przyczynił się również do powstania projektu Conception, który ma na celu rozwój i promocję nuty z komputera i tym samym wsparcie obiecujących muzycznych talentów, którym elektronika równie dobrze namieszała w głowie.
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