Mister Sunday Indian Summer Bonus Party

  • How about one more Mister Sunday in 2011? Well, here you go. Very special guest, a home town hero, Levon Vincent joins the boys for an Indian Summer Mister Sunday, Mister Sunday: An Outdoor Celebration by Mister Saturday Night with resident DJs Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter. Food from Country Boys, Drinks and cold-brewed coffee from Botanica. IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW Kids under 18 go free, and dogs are welcome as long as they're on a leash. No outside drinks are allowed, but beer, sangria, water, lemonade and soda are all for sale on the inside. In order to drink beer and sangria, you'll need a wristband. We close at 9pm on the nose. Before you leave, please throw all your trash and recycling in the appropriate bins so the neighbors' front stoops aren't junked up, and on your way home, keep your voices low so that the folks in the neighborhood can have a little peace and quiet. They're really nice for having us around, and we want to stay in their good graces so we can keep bringing you Mister Sunday. Finally, have an awesome time.
  • Mister Sunday Indian Summer Bonus Party - Flyer front
    Mister Sunday Indian Summer Bonus Party - Flyer back