Alexey G - New Album Release and Live Performance

  • Venue
    Vaudeville Park
    • 26 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Date
    Thu, 8 Sep 20118pm (doors 7:30)
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    • 1
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    Alexey G - electronics, clarinet
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  • Join us for the release party of the unique album of electronic music fusion with clarinet. Genres ranging from Traditional Electronic and Ambient to Progressive Trance Rock and Drum’n’Bass. Enjoy also the live performance by Alexey G of several tracks from the album and exclusive new tracks in styles of Techno/Trance, Traditional Electronic, IDM and even Dub-Techno! Alexey G is a classically trained clarinetist who combines classical music with newer musical forms of instrumental trance, ambient, techno, and progressive breakbeat genres. As an innovative musician, Alexey finds otherworldly sounds and places them in an earthly context of psychedelic trance, noise, and a precautious dose of classicism. Alexey G (known as Alexey Gorokholinsky in the classical music field) has received many awards and attained a lot of success and respect in the classical music world – he has a classical trio with which he tours extensively around United States, he has released three critically acclaimed solo CDs and now he also works for an elite young artist program of the most famous classical music performance venue – Carnegie Hall. Alexey G was born in Russia in 1984. Having both parents as musicians (his dad a clarinetist and his mother a pianist), he started piano at age 4, switching to clarinet at age 7. He got introduced to electronic music at age 11, hearing all sorts of genres of it on Moscow FM Radio “Station 106.8”. At age 16 he started his first experiments on home equipment with several software programs, and continued more serious work in his college years while attending The Juilliard School in New York. During that period, he started writing his first album where the idea was to combine his biggest hobby with his professional life as a classical clarinetist. The result was his first album “Model for Assembling” which features 6 compositions of most various styles, almost all with clarinet in them. The genres of them are in the following order: Progressive Trance Rock/Breakbeat, Ambient/Folk/Trance, Acid Drum n Bass/Classical, Ambient/Psychedelic Techno, Traditional (Berlin School) Electronic/Trance, Industrial Trip-Hop/Techno/ Trance. Despite the seemingly improbable combination of clarinet and electronic music, Alexey defines a new music with creativity that is sure to satisfy trance, ambient, space, and progressive dub fans everywhere. Model For Assembling does not suffer from any weaknesses. - Matthew Forss Alexey G’s idea behind this project was to produce accessible/creative electronic music with addition of classical music elements, whether in composition or playing; an experiment aiming to combine two worlds where listeners of both cultures could get to know each other in context.
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