The Viper Rooms Sheffield - Opening Night

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    Basement Jaxx's Vula Live, Dynamo Magician
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  • The viper rooms is an all new all inclusive Nightlife experience designed exclusively for Everyone who expects and gives a little more. The upstairs room is an airy, cool & comfortable, service-led, conversation-friendly 5-star hotel-style cocktail lounge bar with a dash of ‘90s new york anything-goes attitude. It opens out onto a new all year marbella-inspired Summer terrace overlooking the buzz of the city, Close enough to feel the pulse. The viper rooms basement is an intimate all-night, All-mod-cons underground club experience Powered by a state of the art sound system Pumping out big tunes, classics, and old & new favourites with the emphasis strictly on the dancefloor not the dj box. An elegantly-wasted disgracefully grown up night out — Everyone’s a star...