'Scissor & Thread' Label Sewcase Thanksgiving Special

  • Stranger Than Paradise and Deep Secrets present Scissor and Thread Sewcase Wednesday November 23rd 9pm • 2-hour open bar until 11pm lightbluemover vs black light smoke LiVE Worldwide Debut! with Frank and Tony aka Francis Harris and Anthony Collins DJ Set plus Navbox Jubilee Juan Zapata The Loft (Apartment side) 411 New York Ave NE Washington, DC 20002 ▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲ Scissor & Thread is a new Brooklyn-based label that is a collaboration between DJ/Producer Francis Harris aka Adultnapper / lightbluemover, Shawn Schwartz (owner of the famed nyc DJ shop halcyon,) Michael Scott (owner of long running Atlanta-based house imprint Soco Audio,) and Parisian DJ/Producer Anthony Collins. Despite it's roots in underground dance music, and being fronted by Harris and Collins, two well established artists in the field, Scissor & Thread proudly calls itself an independent label, not a dance imprint, the difference being one of approach. While artist development is somewhat of an anachronism in today's music industry, Scissor and Thread nonetheless aims to establish a platform for artists with more ambitious ideas that expand beyond the confines of the club without regard for stylistic orthodoxy. The label's roster is comprised of a tight knit collective of multi-talented composers, producers, vocalists and instrumentalists collaborating in various configurations on a diversity of projects bound only by Scissor and Thread's well defined aesthetic. The wide-ranging material already lined up is being released under new aliases created specifically for use on Scissor & Thread, making for a level field on which new artists can be received, and a clean slate on which more established acts can explore wider creative possibilities. Following two vinyl-only EPs by the highly touted new act Black Light Smoke, the label recently dropped "lostfound," the first single from "Leland," the moving debut full length composed by Francis Harris as a requiem for his father. Featuring a mesmerizing performance by Danish singer Gry and a phenomenal remix by Matthew Herbert, "lostfound" quickly sold out of it's limited 12" run, even before it was debuted on Pitchfork.com. A second single will be released ahead of the album which is due in February and in the meantime the label will launch a series of slow, melodic and very sexy vocal house EPs baring only the mysterious name Frank & Tony. With label "sewcases" featuring a new improvisational two man live set booked for Art Basel in Miami and BPM Festival to kick off the new year, Scissor and Thread promises to be one of the break out labels of 2012. ▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽▲ Scissor & Thread: http://www.facebook.com/scissor.and.thread.nyc Listen: http://soundcloud.com/scissorandthread
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