Sunday's Rooftop Ft Sergio Santos & Tres Manos

  • Stranger Than Paradise, Denis Bejan & D33P S3CR3TS present Sunday, September 18. 2011 Tabaq's Glass Terrace 1336 U St NW, DC Doors 4PM-2AM Sergio Santos - (Airdrop, Mothership, No.19 - USA) Born in Portugal, Sergio Santos has spent half his life between the cities of Oporto and his now his current base Boston. It was thanks to his European connection that he became enamored with the underground house and techno scene on the continent and therefore bring his knowledge and ideas to the `Boston side of the Atlantic. With this edge over the Americans and his passion for the darker side of house, disco and sounds, he set about honing his skills as a DJ and became a pioneer and trendsetter amongst Boston’s "cool crowd". It was around this time 2002-03 that he met a certain DJ and party duo called Soul Clap, and the lads themselves to this day cite Sergio as a major influence over their own move into the underground and one of their favorite DJs. During this time Sergio also became friends with a like-minded, fledgling techno producer called Tanner Ross, and so they got straight into the studio and started blazing a trail together, which has since led to releases and remixes from the duo on Claude VonStroke’s Mothership label and forward-thinking NYC imprint Airdrop. Then the masterstroke came, as Sergio with Tanner and Soul Clap stepped into the darkness of their music studios as one and formed the Boston supergroup known today as S.E.C.T. Sergio’s intelligent and acclaimed DJ sets and his lengedary afterparty sets have also seen his DJ profile blossom and the world’s leading dance music magazine Mixmag marking him one to ‘Keep an Eye On’. He’s also been hitting the US’s major cities recently, spinning in LA, San Fran, New York, Detroit, Miami and DC regularly, and even further afield in exotic locations such as Mexico and Puerto Rico. Sergio will be playing early at sunset. Tres Manos aka Your Only Friend (Your Only Friend Recordings - Barcelona) Tres Manos aka Your Only Friend has been diggin' deep in the crates for over 15 years. With various residencies and a fan base that doesn't stop growing, he is a favorite in every city he plays. Originally from Washington D.C., Tres Manos began his musical career in Denver. In 1998 he moved to Barcelona, Spain and has been playing a leading role in city's underground house scene ever since. When he's not traveling around the world to perform or throwing slammin' events back home, he is hard at work co-running the record label Your Only Friend Recordings and producing music for esteemed labels such as Detour and Om records. Currently he is producing music with his label Partner, Steve Ferrand under the name Your Only Friend. Check out this mix from Tres Manos: Also performing this evening: Navbox Juan Zapata east-coat-boogiemen/elm Andy Grant More on D33P S3CR3TS D33P S3CR3TS are disciples of Kalakshetra and Nrityalaya, specifically the works of Guru Sankara Menon and Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. The Gurus at times had contradicting views, with Sankara stressing Odissi technique while Guru Mohapatra, himself a student of Rukumi Devi Arundale, insisted on focusing on the beauty and the spirituality of Bharatanyam. It is these co-created values that have been the guiding light for the conscious evolution of DEEP SECRETS, a steadfast offering of love seeking to lionize the powerful bond that transcended the Gurus’ limitations of thought. Sharing a dance space with followers of a wide variety of teachings enables the coming together of creative energies in a way that can enrich the soul as the universe reaches higher evolutionary impulses, greater abstraction and deeper meaning. Experience of the d33p may include distortions in bodily awareness, such as the feeling that one's body is being tugged, or is gliding on silk, flying, or has grown very large or distended. Some have reported the sensation of their soul leaving their human body. Others may experience worlds or dimensions that are ineffable, all the while being completely unaware of their individual identities or the external world. Users have reported intense hallucinations including visual hallucinations, perceptions of falling, fast and gradual movement and flying, 'seeing god', feeling connected to others, objects and the cosmos, experiencing psychic connections, and shared hallucinations and thoughts.
  • Sunday's Rooftop Ft Sergio Santos & Tres Manos - Flyer front
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