Warm with Optimo - All Night Long

  • Warm are proud to announce the second in a series of special one-off parties we will be presenting this Autumn / Winter. Following the inaugural edition in October we are excited to welcome back Optimo to take over for the entire evening following on from their sell-out appearance for us at the Loft earlier this year. When Keith McIvor (AKA Twitch) and Jonnie Wilkes formed Optimo in 1997 they both had 10 years of DJing behind them. As a teenager in Belfast Wilkes had been plying his trade playing out reggae, funk and jazz, while Twitch came from an equally eclectic background which also saw him co-found Scotland’s first techno club, Pure. Pure became legendary, bringing in the likes of Jeff Mills, Derrick May, and Richie Hawtin, but by 1997 both felt that an antidote to the endless 4/4 beat was necessary, and after a fateful meeting on a Glasgow-Edinburgh bus journey Optimo was born, along with its legendary anything-goes philosophy. Unpredictable, genre-defying, and endlessly knowledgeable, the sounds that the pair brought to Glasgow’s Sub Club caused Optimo to become an institution, a haven for music-fans tired of blinkered music policies, eager for new sounds and wide-ranging booking policies. Over the years the club saw the likes of Liquid Liquid (from whom, of course, they take their name), Grace Jones, James Chance, and LCD Soundsystem. Optimo as we know it is now finished, but its spirit lives on in a new night at Sub Club, a widely acclaimed Fabric mix, and in their own label Optimo Music, and Twitch and Wilkes continue to tour the Optimo sound around the world. Jonnie and Keith will be taking over for the entire evening, treating us to a special all night long set.
  • Warm with Optimo - All Night Long - Flyer front