12...Amen Brother Djs & More

  • For full info... http://m.bodytonicmusic.com/events/stereotonic/2011/aug/27/amen-brother-djs-more/ Run by members of the MN crew, Amen Brother is a down-tempo night focusing on anything from soul, funk, jazz, disco & more. Going strong for three years now, the night offers a different experience than regular club nights, past events have included a series of boat parties on the Thames, a monthly night in the plush surroundings of the Odessa club and appearances at various Irish festivals. Amen Bro have hosted events with Allez Allez, Maurice Fulton, DJ Food, TDB and a memorable set from Mike Huckaby, who played a rare set composed of Sun Ra classics. The night's music policy encourages local DJ's to experiment with their sets to avoid the clichéd mix-by-numbers style plaguing most parties these days. The Amen Brother mix series can be found here... http://soundcloud.com/amenbrother http://mixcloud.com/mntothat Other mixes from the residents: http://www.mixcloud.com/Dave_O_Reilly_/january-mix-2/ http://soundcloud.com/sean-gilheany
  • 12...Amen Brother Djs & More - Flyer front
    12...Amen Brother Djs & More - Flyer back