Definition Summer Closing Party

  • Hi, So we heard you're ready for Bank Holiday fun? are WE!! DEFINITION is growing strong in our hearts and in our ears and after a fun-filled summer of events we have decided to throw a SUMMER goodbye event where we can all enjoy proper beats and good vibes!!! It's with super pleasure we're inviting you to our next Bank Holiday Monday morning session at the Toilet as this party is our farewell for a while -don't worry we shall reenergise and come back fresh!!!- and we've recruited the a DJ line-up that shall make you ask for more...and more! Our headliner Unai Trotti has been making waves with his Cartuli's Day project -a collective of warehouse parties- and has also been producing and releasing quality material for Release Sustain. He's a quality record spinner who knows how to work the crowd and drop the bombs where necessary! We are very much looking forward to blending Cartuli's vibes with the essence of DEFINITION, we believe it shall be a proper 'move your feet' combo. DEFINITION is a party originating from our desire to demonstrate the quality and depth presently existent in a variety of electronic music genres and sub-categories. Focusing on the brilliance and excellence of tech and deep/house but always finding time and space for introducing new and pioneering sounds. Joining our headliner our guests this week consist of Anthony Nidis, Jon Sojo (joining us after a fantastic OneMore set last Saturday) from WeLikeIt and residents as well as DEFINITION supremos Montana Cruz and Cantanka. These DJs really put the needle on their tracks and push all the right buttons...fantastic beats DEFINITION! For those of you that came to our last Bank Holiday event you know that we party BIG style on a Bank Holiday vibe! Be're now aware. DEFINITION is a warm atmosphere party consisting of a friendly-attitude crowd. Everyone invited and allowed-in is selected...we prefer crowd quality! We would like to THANK YOU for bringing your best vibe and slickest dancing to our parties...words can not describe how much we APPRECIATE and LOVE YOU, the DEFINITION faithful!! Looking forward to saying farewell to SUMMER DEFINITION with you all, the beautiful people that have been supporting us all along!!! See you there . . . BIG DEFINITION LOVE! XXX
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