We Love Pool Party

  • 09/11 WE LOVE POOL PARTY @ AGRITURISMO LA MELAZZA FREE ENTRY!!!!! Aperitif & Dinner LINE UP: GIANLUCA GAFFI [LUCAS] TooFunk Recordings Roman, deejay, producer and remixer, Gianluca Gaffi is definitely a unique artist, always in search of sounds and details that make its Live Set a unique experience. In his "experiments" of sound manipulation, process, contaminates and edit every beat, making it a unique and personal, always playing with different technologies ,with an incredible feeling to the dancefloor. Musically it is impossible to categorize his sound, which, starting from the deep roots the House, touching all those sensations Deep, but at the same time or more Dark Tribal sounds. MAT FROM THE-ZONE The-Zone Records Dj and Composer, in 1995 found THE GURUFS project through which he released his first CD " Mechanical Resonance". In January 2005 Mat together with Lius begun the co-production of The Zone and eventually he became the official voice, looking up interviews and news presentations. The raindog project along with Michele NoiseVideo, promotes live exibitions and djset for the parties as well as bookings, one of a few names that stand out is The Advent. in 2010 founded The-Zone Records. The label was born with the same purpose of the radio programme, which aims to promote the sound of the best established and emergent artists through the realization of sheer releases, that will permit to the sound of The-Zone to get out of the radio and spread his label all over the world. The-Zone artists have been selected through all the radio experience that The-Zone acquired during these years, also with the events where The-Zone have taken part in as organizer or as media support. Our label was born neither for the need of a producer nor for any other commercial goal, but it comes from the wish to represent Italy abroad as an international label and also to spread the sound of the artists which sustained The-Zone till now. producing many artists like: The Advent, aux88, Max Durante, Minimalrome, alessio Mereu, Mark morris, Knobs, Logotech, Marco Asoleda, Axel Karakasis, Space Djz, Vegim...and many more coming in 2012... For this party, Mat, propose to you a special The-Zone Rec showcase with all the best productions till now. MARK HETTINGS Luca Marchettini aka Mark hettings was born in Rome the 11th January 1986. In 2006 at the age of nineteen he moved to U.K. where he bought his first turntables and he started Djing under the influence of the London minimalistic sound. Back in italy he started to play in private and after parties slowly changing his way of djing from vinyls to digital. Finally in 2010 he start his production career releasing his first EP (Roma) on Wormys Records (ARG) together with his mate Dario Ruzzier (aka Adio) With the years his sound has become a more melodic way of lookin into music but still his strong believes in Minimal music effect most of his work. VINCFROM STARLIGHT DUO Kontrol Records Vinc&Andrey (Vincenzo Astorino and Andrey Pasqui) are two twenties Roman Djs, who approach to electronic music in 2002. They frequent the Italian nightlife and later the European nightlife, participating in the most important festival of electronic music. The feeling that is created between the DJ and the audience is fascinating to the point that they decide to take their own musical experience. In 2007 started working on the first draft proposes a minimal techno sound, with influences Deep and Tech-house. The Roman DUO, through the influence of two pillars of the techno scene such as Sven Vath and Richie Hawtin, perfected and pay attention to new sounds and styles not only as producers but also as a DJ. Damage in 2008 created the "Starlight Duo," Vinc&Andrey play Back to Back, mixing two different musical currents: on one hand, the techno genre while other more minimalist, but other to create a compromise between the two musical styles. Their style is not based on the classic djset but on mixing more loops, creating a sound and innovative research which aims to surprise the audience with unexpected and unpredictable musical attack with the help of effects and cuts the frequency of various kinds. Today continues their research into more innovative sounds that will see them still in the stage of minimal-techno scene in Europe.
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