Stable and Pretty Simple present Kazu Kimura

  • Stable and Pretty Simple proudly welcomes back to Melbourne one of Australia’s true pioneers of techno – Kazu Kimura. Kazu has a style like no other; his mixing skill has been described by many as “beyond human control”. His genius behind three decks seems completely effortless. The layering he achieves, combined with his finesse, results in a delivery that is both breathtaking and utterly hypnotic. Expect all forms of techno to be represented in a Kazu Kimura set. From driving minimal techno to industrial funk; to the cuts of his favourite Detroit classics, you can rest assured quality is imminent. Kazu started his DJ career in ‘87 playing at clubs in Tokyo and Nagano Japan. His passion for the music influenced him to become a professional DJ at the early age of 19. Teaming up with DJ Baby Tokyo they went on to launch some of the earliest dance parties in Tokyo setting up Voice Production in 89’. Kazu then toured the USA in 1990 playing at club Medusa in Chicago and the legendary Trax in Washington DC. After returning from the States he started production of his own where he was featured on early Japanese compilations such as Tokyo Explosion ‘, vol 1 and vol 2 of Crown Records and on collaborative projects with DJs like Honda, Hiroshi Fujiwara and DJ Heyta. After mastering his native country of Japan, Kazu took the step of relocating to Brisbane. Kazu was immediately enlisted for shows across the country. and became an instant national hero for all patriots of techno! Continuing to travel between Brisbane and Tokyo where he played at the famous super club “Liquid Room”; one of Holland’s best underground Techno / House labels ” Touche approached him to release his own material. Kazu has to date released ‘Sound Media’ 4 Tracks EP through Touche’s sub label Jam 95’. Mushroom Distribution Service Australia also approached him along with Melbourne icon Will E Tell to mix the first ever DJ Excursions series CD; a first for Australia. Over the past 6 years Kazu has gone on to become a household name worldwide. Kazu is a regular at clubs including E Love (Hong Kong,) Timewarp Festival (Germany) U60311 (Frankfurt), Palazzo (Bingen) Stammheim (Kassel), Warehouse (Cologne), Time Club (Amsterdam), Night town (Rotterdam), Club One, Emotion and Fabrik (Madrid), Fast Foward (Tarragona), Octopus and Zeus (La Coruna), Technological Festival (Vigo), Delfos and Equus (Ponferrada), Bass Blaster Festival (Brno, Czhech Republic),Club Atlantic(Bosnia) and the super techno club ” Ambasada Gavioli “ (Isola, Slovenia) to name only a few. To express himself more freely Kazu has once again returned to the studio releasing for the acclaimed CL-Recordings (Frankfurt) imprint and with Mutual Solid Cuts (Barcelona) and WetMusik (Melbourne) in progress, Kazu’s also done remix work for Blackcodes Experience under Japanese Remixes, and released DP-6/City Lights on Elephanthaus. If that’s not enough to get you out of the house on a chilly winter evening we are also welcoming back with open arms local hero Christian Vance. Christian’s amazing live set took him on a European expedition which included Germany, Austria, Switzerland and London. After rocking the international market, Christian returns to deliver another mind blowing set which shouldn’t be missed! The cherry on top comes in the form of Simon Mark from Ishtar Productions who will be installing his Funktion One sound system for this special occasion. Let’s rock!!!