Freeze and Aztec

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    Casson, Denzil, Currie plus more TBC
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  • Ok then! To round off the Bank Holiday Weekend in style Freeze and Aztec come together to throw the mother of all Unofficial Creamfields after parties! Last time these two nights combined Claude Von Stroke literally tore the Lemon Lounge apart! Residents from both nights with supply the musical soundtrack to end one the best weekends of the year. Rob Casson and Andy Currie representing Freeze, Denzil and Jemmy stepping up for Aztec. A few cheeky guests may be popping in as well!! This night is also the party where Aztec say goodbye to the Lemon Lounge after a lengthy and successful stay. It is NOT the last Aztec before you all start panicing, they are merely moving on to pastures new. So, if you are still up and on it from Creamfields, just back in the city after SW4 or merely after some nice tunes on a Sunday evening - get down the Lemon Lounge on Sunday 26th August! Freeze and Aztec Sunday 26th August Casson, Denzil, Jemmy, Currie plus more TBC The Lemon Lounge 8 til late 3 before 10.30, 4 after