Scenechronic - Sundaydayday Outdoor

  • THIS IS SCENECHRONIC SUNDAYDAYDAY, Having raved out the East London Scene for years, Scenechronic takes off for a new adventure, bringing in new tunes to Camden Town @ the infamous Lockside Lounge. This is an outdoor event, so get your shades on, and the bikinis if you're too ambitious :) //FREE ENTRY //OUTDOOR UNTIL 10PM //BBQ //£4 MOJITOS (ALL DAY) //£2.5 SHOTS OF PATRON CAFE (ALL DAY) DJs: Deep'art Dave Ritchi Felipe Kastegliano Florent Cakiq Justin Steel Mauro Ferno Mestivan Ryan Pamatmat Samantha Blackburn DJ Sumadon __________________________?__ Lockside - Camden 75-89 Upper Walkway, West Yard, Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF