No Way Back with Optimo, Mi Ami, Conor

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    Optimo, Mi Ami, Conor, Solar, Ryan Poulsen, Pickpocket
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  • NO WAY BACK/ OPTIMO (JD TWITCH and JONNIE WILKES - Glasgow) First Time ever that BOTH members of OPTIMO will be performing in SF MI AMI (Live) (SF/NYC) First SF MI AMI show since Daniel Martin-McCormick (ITAL) moved to NYC in November 2010. CONOR SOLAR PICKPOCKET RYAN POULSEN SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3rd Public Works 161 Erie St. ODDJOB Room Upstairs. LIMITED early bird tickets: $10 Saturday, September 3rd is a night that will live in infamy as the No Way Back boys, Conor and Solar bring Glasgow’s finest, Optimo, to San Francisco and the dancefloor of the Works. This will be the first time the duo has played together in San Fran. We’ve had JD Twitch in town on a number of occasions, but on this night he will be joined by his long-time partner, Jonnie Wilkes. Since 1997 the duo has defined some of Scotland’s best nights out and have honed an extremely eclectic dj style in which no sound is taboo. In 2006 Pitchfork called Wilkes and Twitch, “one of the best DJ duos going right now,” while The Skinny called their Glasgow-based, weekly party Optimo Espacio, “still one of Scotland’s best and most charismatic nights.” Add to this line-up Mi Ami, SF’s dubbed out, punch-drunk, punk-funk, disco nihilists, performing together for the first time since Daniel Martin-McCormick moved to NYC to pursue his Ital project. And then on top of all that (get me a goddamned ladder!) we have several of SF’s finest and finessed djs, Conor, Solar, Pickpocket and Ryan Poulsen, who will round out of a night of superb music with music that is even more superber than that. Cancel all the dates, meetings, hair-washing, camping trips and interventions that you have scheduled for September 3rd and drop everything — especially heavy things that have no handles on top, only on the side, and don’t fit in your trunk — and get yer posterior down to the Works. It’s gonna be hella fun, I hecka guarantee it. Chris Orr
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