Stroboscopic Artefacts 'Sword' Album Launch Party-

  • XHIN | LUCY | PFIRTER | INIGO KENNEDY | OBLIVIOUS ARTEFACTS | ROMAN LINDAU b2b SASCHA RYDELL | GARETH WILD | DAX J Though the cold, steely sound of his music might call to mind cities like Sheffield or Berlin, Xhin hails from the balmy island country of Singapore. At home, he's a rare outpost of purist techno, but his records and live sets have struck a chord across Europe and even North America, earning him gigs from Berghain in Berlin to The End Up in San Francisco. Since 2009 he's been a cornerstone of Stroboscopic Artefacts, the Berlin-based label run by DJ and producer Lucy. For a more in-depth look at Xhin, peruse our Breaking Through feature on him from last year. Sword will be Xhin's third full-length, following his 2004 self-released debut and 2008's Greyscale, released on Meerestief Records. A launch party will take place the day after it's released at Corsica Studios in London, with Xhin playing alongside Lucy, Pfirter and Inigo Kennedy. Visuals on the night will be provided by Oblivious Artefacts, the label's in-house design team. Room 2 at Corsica will see a very exciting addition to the party, Fachwerk Records! Fachwerk consistently deals in heavy techno sounds that are doused in dub and finished with an analogue authenticity which set them apart from the crowd. One of the most prominent Berlin labels of recent times, it's run by the triumvirate of DJing and production talent that is Dehnert, Roman Lindau and Sascha Rydell. After Dehnert's amazing performance for us at EarToGround earlier in the year we just had to get label pals Sascha and Roman to come and play this time. Its the first time you'll find Stroboscopic and Fachwerk under the same roof. Brought together by EarToGround. The killer Funktion One across both rooms is in for a serious workout! â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„ Room1: Stroboscopic Artefacts XHIN LUCY PFIRTER INIGO KENNEDY OBLIVIOUS ARTEFACTS (Visuals) Room2: Fachwerk Both making their UK debuts ROMAN LINDAU b2b SASCHA RYDELL (Extended set) GARETH WILD DAX J â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„ £8 Resident Advisor Exclusive (limited x100) *SOLD OUT* £10-£15 General (£10 tickets selling fast!) £20 On the door Tickets available from… Resident Advisor: Ticketweb: *just like last time we have a very special after party planned, keep your EarToGround for more details. Ticket holders to the main party will receive guaranteed and discounted entry* We'll see you on the 12th … [email protected] 07859 065 106
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