Fried Tofu Release

  • The vinyl only Edit Label FRIED TOFU comes up with their second dish. While FT01 digged into the funk edge of disco, FT02 comes up with some really sweet and soulful melodies, tasting like pure honey. But don't be hasty, or you will burn your tongue. This is hot and far from being a dessert. And what better place to celebrate this as SOJU BAR, where music and food is equally appreciated. Finn Johannsen, David Liebrecht and Anson will carefully pack their record bags and bring some fine wax to the table. Without knowing each other, the former two ran into the same legendary club in Hamburg in the late 80ies/early 90ies and will play for the first time together. This should be all special. But what will it be musically? Nobody really knows. It will be somewhere between house, funk and disco. Soulful, that’s for sure. But expect the unexpected, cause isn’t life ain’t all about surprises?
  • Fried Tofu Release - Flyer front