Colony Summer Rave

  • For our next party at Corsica Studios we're switching things up a little, taking a break from our Perc Trax partnership (more of that later in the year) and bringing in a whole bunch of friends and family for a monster summer freebie. The premise is simple: a big fuck off UK rave, with one room of jacking house, techno and electro, and another of crunching dub, 2-step and jungle, at no cost to you or your mates. Nuff said. Headlining are two of our most cherished past guests, both operating at the deepest junctures of their respective fields. Arne Weinberg - otherwise known as Onmutu Mechanicks - has been a steady force in contemporary Detroit techno, bringing a wide array of influences (electro/IDM/ambient) to bear on the classic Motor City sound, and gracing labels as revered as Down Low, Styrax and Echocord in the process. This will be his first performance in London since Fabric's The Nothing Special last September, and promises to be every bit as special. Equinox, meanwhile, is one of the few producers left who can reasonably claim to be making 100% no-holds-barred jungle music. Debuting back in '93 alongside fellow amen champion Bizzy B, his discography contains some of the best breaks-based music ever made, as anyone who knows their ruffage will tell you (releases on Planet Mu, Bassbin, his own Sci Wax imprint and legions of other respected labels suggest as much). He's a deadly DJ - just ask anyone who caught him at the Bang Face Weekender earlier this year - and no stranger to Corsica's dark environs, so be prepared... Three more Colony faves dropping in - all of whom have played excellent sets for us already this year - are Spatial, Phase and Asusu. Spatial first came to our attention back in March '09, and has since gone on to put out an impressive stream of hybrid house/techno/2-step sounds, culminating in a debut LP on his Infrasonics imprint and fresh wares for Bristol's Schmorgsabord. That's on top of DJ appearances at the much-respected Freerotation, Unsound and Netaudio festivals, and a well-received FACT mix to boot. Man got skills. A regular for Belgian imprint Token, meanwhile, Phase has been keeping things real for over a decade now, delivering a fierce but grooving brand of purist techno that everyone from Jeff Mills to Marcel Dettmann has latched onto. He's a true force behind the decks - as he demonstrated at our recent Rhythm Factory bash - and will no doubt do serious damage on Corsica's room 1 F-Ones. Another man to bring the goods at Rhythm was Asusu, whose deep, driving take on the classic 2-step sound (Immerse were the first to twig on, then Project Squared) has taken an increasingly 4/4 bent of late. Tonight, however, he'll be bringing a bag of rude-as-fuck garage to get you all skipping and skanking like it's the noughties all over. Big tings. Support comes from agent2, Scand regular and connoisseur of true-school electro; 16 Hertz & Johnny Oakley, who'll be bringing a slamming, bass-heavy live show to Corsica for the first time; Biorhythm, a rising star whose stripped back DnB has been doing it for us in a major way recently; Mantra, co-organiser of Rupture and general queen of jungle; and our good mate Strepsil, whose recent mixes for Plex and Brackout are, put simply, the nads. And, last but not least, residents MB and CB will be dropping their usual selection of clubwise treats from across the underground continuum, from house to hardcore to heavyweight jungle. All of this for free, on two of London's best rigs, at London's best club. Bring your army. [-]
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