Retro Futuro feat Subpreme

  • RETRO FUTURO Feat SUBPREME The summer's not long and hot enough this year so we invited Baby G and Spacelex to turn the heat on. The Peanuts, Franz Underwear and Emil Doesn't Drive will take care of the warming up and cooling down parts of the night. So don't forget the heat is on at Picknick in case this Friday night feels too chilly for a real summer. *********** *********** *********** Parus (Live Concert) Retro Futuro Floor BABY G (Bpich Control) THE PEANUTS (Boogie Night) FRANZ UNDERWEAR (Slow Motion) Subpreme Floor SPACELEX (Dissident) EMIL DOESN´T DRIVE (Subpreme) *********** *********** *********** PICKNICK CLUB DOROTHEENSTRAßE 90 | BERLIN-MITTE (10117) S-BHF. UNTER DEN LINDEN ODER S-/U-BHF. FRIEDRICHSTRAßE WWW.PICKNICKBERLIN.DE PICKNICK NEWSLETTER : PICKNICK BERLIN GROUP ON FACEBOOK : PICKNICK CLUB ON RESIDENTADVISOR :
  • Retro Futuro feat Subpreme - Flyer front
    Retro Futuro feat Subpreme - Flyer back