House Of Honey In The Wild

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    DJ Honey Sweet Cheekz
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  • House of Honey is a Glasgow loft party organised by Miss Honey Sweet Cheekz as a get out clause from the restrictions placed upon club nights. It enforces no time limits and provides a welcoming, safe environment for experienced club types to get down without the flotsam and jetsam that Friday / Saturday nights throw up. House of Honey has built up a conglomerate of heads, contributors and givers, all personally invited by Cheekz.... It is a collective of B-girls, acid heads, lotharios, lilliputians, personal space invaders, size queens, hippies, hedonists, speed freaks, bearded chin scratchers, glamour girls, affected hipsters, inter-lectuals, panglossians and good time groovers. It has the best sound system, the best DJs and a BYO policy that encourages sharing. Those of you who have been to some of the more famous loft parties that have existed over the years will immediately feel a connection. Cheekz decided that the concept had enough momentum to take its latest development to the accommodating surroundings of Glasgow's downtown La Cheetah club and it's honey pot DJ booth. Expect happy faces and intelligent conversation, bohemian attitudes and joviality, the best music you have heard and carefree professionalism from all involved. It's an effortless expedition in what you already know to be right. No international guests just the best homegrown DJs that Glasgow and its surrounding area has to offer. Think David Barbarossa's Thing, Melting Pot, Hot Mess, Safari and Wrong Island. Think of the attitudes these respective nights manifest, combine them with a dressed up, fabulous crowd, put Honey Sweet Cheekz at the helm and set sail. House of Honey welcomes those who help further the cause in keeping real clubbing alive. House of Honey welcomes YOU! Entry is a fiver, the attitude is free.
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