Monster Monster V Tangled V Fuse

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    Demon_DJ; Steve Thorpe (Tangled), Gooseman (Fuse), Miguel (Homegrown), Skavoovie
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  • What Is This?".. I Hear You Shout This is Tru Rave.. We Never Let The Fire Burn Out Respect to all who attended Monster's 4th Birthday & the Cumbrian Rave Carnival at the weekend.. Intense. This month we have a very special lineup as two of Manchester's biggest nights join Monster See you on the dancefloor, for much more.. STEVE THORPE (TANGLED) (old skool) GOOSEMAN (FUSE) (breaks) MIGUEL (dnb/metal) SKAVOOVIE (dubstep) KATHIKA RABBIT (vox) & DEMON_DJ On Dex & Vox, your host Bringing All Scenes, Styles & Minds Together MONSTER JOSHUA BROOKS SAT 30 JUNE 10pm - 3am 2 FLOORS £5 / £4 B4 10.30pm ELECTRO ROCK HIP HOP DUB STEP BREAK BEAT DRUM BASS Monster Monster ft Slutch Girls
  • Monster Monster V Tangled V Fuse - Flyer front
    Monster Monster V Tangled V Fuse - Flyer back