Closer Music Festival 2011

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    David Javate - Killswitch - SF Bryan Zentz - Plus 8/Circle/Amam Jerry Abstract - Shitkatapult/Slant/From 0-1 Aaron Nesbit - From 0-1- Seattle Let's Go Outside - Slant/Soma Maximus - Fire Gold Code - Nude Photo Music - SF Mutor - Mutor Sound System John Massey - From 0-1 - Seattle George Holland - R9 JAK - SubSensory Audioelectronic - Nude Photo Music Sappho - Alga-Rhythms collective Ryan Walz and Mason Roberts - Analog/Kaos Kreations Dj Stephen R. - Architects + Heroes - LA The Perfect Cyn - Alga-Rhythms Centrikal - Nude Photo Music Miss Vixen - SubSensory Mercedes - Anonymous I Dj Tronic - Dancefloor Mayhem Trevor Vichas - Bounce House/Market House Meats Nicodemus & Travismode - Bassland Kala - SubSensory Chris Firenze - Housecall/Akashik/Killing Machine Records LilRoj - SubSensory Jimm - Render Dan Craig - Joy Scouts Venues announced: June 23, 2011 * Closer @ Labworks/Element June 24, 2011 * Closer @ Refuge (Festival kick-off event) * Closer @ BC's (Render productions showcase) June 25, 2011 * Closer @ Col. Summers Park (12pm-6pm) * Closer @ Element Lounge (8pm-2:30pm) * Closer @ Boxxes (9pm-2:30pm) * Closer @ Red Cap Garage (9pm-2:30pm)
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  • Celebrating Portland, Oregon's unique and vibrant underground techno and house music scenes, Closer 2011 unites many of the city’s respected and influential djs, producers and live performers in a two-day festival event. Held at several intimate spaces in the heart of Portland, the events aim to bring our scene closer, to celebrate the artists and dancers who fuel it, and to expand the collective consciousness of this burgeoning dance community. The event kicks off with preparty showcases on Thursday, June 23 and continues with a mix of free and paid events through Sunday, June 26. In its debut year, Closer features over 30 local performers along with special guests from elsewhere on the Pacific Coast. With your support we hope to grow this event in the years to come. We’ll be announcing all the details in the days and weeks to come, so stay tuned.
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