Lo*kee Loves Renate

  • To celebrate the first release on the new label "Renate Schallplatten" of our dear friends from Salon Wilde Renate in Berlin, we have decided to invite the whole bunch to London. All of them have played for us before and we dare say that each time was a true highlight at lokee so we're more than happy to present you this extraordinary lineup. dOP - certainly no strangers to the lokee crowd, the French trio have taken the world by storm in the last couple of years and anyone who was lucky enough to witness them on stage knows they're simply one of the best house liveacts on this planet. On top of this they have released a big bag of tracks and remixes on labels such as Circus Company, Eklo, Masomenos or Renate Schallplatten to name but a few. Wareika - have played for our debut at fabric last year, and have become good friend since. The German trio are one of the very few live acts to actually play live music on stage. Keyboards, Guitar, MPC and of course Florian Schirmachers unique voice, that has been featured on many records from Pantytec, Guido Schneider or Tom Clark to his other projects Federleicht and Hatikvah on his own new label Form Resonance. Wareika have released their long awaited debut album on Tartelet Records in 2010, followed by an album on Perlon the same year. For the Renate single they have covered Hans Albers - La Paloma, a classic German shanty. Peak & Swift are the main residents, organisers and allround nice guys from Renate. They first met when Swift moved to Berlin in 2000. Peak, who has been in the Berlin techno scene since he is able to speak,was amazed that he had met someone which taste in music fits his own perfectly, so they started to play together and soon got their first residency at the famous Goodlife partys at the Pfefferberg in Berlin and played at almost every location or openair-party in berlin (Tresor, Watergate, Arena, Bar25,103,...). As sets lasted between three, four hours and longer, Peak & Swift developed a skillfull blend of house, disco and deep and dubby techno.
  • Lo*kee Loves Renate - Flyer front