We Feel So Real - Moby, Bodi Bill

  • The rumours are true... MOBY is in town and will be djing this Friday at a yet to be announced incredible location that may remind the old-schoolers among you of the setting for one of his early videos. An outrageous evening awaits you, with big guns BODI BILL and a rolling DJ line-up from select labels and crews like Ostgut Ton, Hotflush, Nightshifters, Karaoke Kalk, Leisure System and Dense Records to come out and play alongside Moby. For location info and complete line-up hit us up at: [email protected] ...and you'll be sent an update at some point (aka fashionably late) this week. PS: Folks, mind your spam filter. You don't want some algorithm to be a party-pooper, don't you?
  • We Feel So Real - Moby, Bodi Bill - Flyer front