Downlo Cargo Secret Courtyard Party with Burnski

  • Spring 2011 is shaping up to be the best we've had in years. Not only are we currently enjoying some mighty fine weather, but little old Sheffield is throwing out some awesome parties too. We really think knife and fork-ville has turned a corner and is finally getting its name well and truly back on the electronic music map. Its all a state of mind you see! And us boys at Downlo & Cargo are channelling all our positive mental at...titude into our next event. All we need is for you lot to keep up the good work and we're all winners! Oh, and before we go any further. We need to give you advance warning......This. Will. Be. RUDE. If you're going to throw a 'secret courtyard rave' then you've got to have a special party lined up... and in a unique venue . Otherwise, you'd just announce the venue and carry on like a 'standard' party yeah? We can fully assure you that this urban courtyard, right in the city centre within spitting distance of division street, is bad. As in good. As in bad ass. You get the picture. And of course a great venue isn't worth a whistle if you don't have a line-up to match. Enter BURNSKI, NYRA, GROWMORE, LOSHEA, KASSIEN, DAN METCALF... Yeah its going to be good. We promise. Chuck in a boomin' FUNKTION ONE sound system and plenty of booze and.... well all we need then is a couple of hundred of our loyal party people!
  • Downlo Cargo Secret Courtyard Party with Burnski - Flyer front
    Downlo Cargo Secret Courtyard Party with Burnski - Flyer back