Island Of Fire Festival

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    001. Kenji Williams 002. Gabriel Le Mar 003. Aes Dana/Huva Network 004. Solar Fields/Huva Network 005. Carbon Based Lifeforms 006. Asura 007. Xerxes feat thomas w. larsen 008. Radical Distortion 009. D.Batistatos 010. Side Liner 011. Percussion Bullet 012. Youth/Vertical Smile 013. Tripswitch 014. Abakus 015. Petit Ange aka 2 guys on the rock / chanal 016. Max Le Salle Gosse 017. Uni 018. Spectral Sun 019. Subheim 020. Spectraliquid Live Visuals / VJing Art Team 021. Klopfgeister 022. California Sunshine/Anatomic 023. Vibrasphere 024. Fabrics 025. Beat Bizzare 026. Ian Ion aka Saikopod 027. Principles of Flight 028. I m lgnd 029. MFG/Passanger 030. Arash Atman 031. Solar Quest 032. Antix 033. DJ Nikitas 034. Aphid Moon 035. G-BLU 036. AlfaOmega 037. Kay Nakayama/Intelligent jazz
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  • 13 - 14 - 15 JULY 2007 Island Of Fire Festival is for those that truly respect music and nature. The festival has no Headliner and is based on the unique experience combination of the energy of the Island and people from all over the Globe that will unite and participate to a beautiful exchange of different cultures and ideas. Liberate your ears and your minds ... The people of the festival would like all of you to protect the island and the fest from illegal substances and the use of drugs ... The beautiful people of the Moudros Village and the Municipality People will welcome all of you to their homeland.All the travellers have to respect the history and the people of Limnos Island In General. We owe to have the place Clean and try to avoid ANYTHING that would be harmful to the festival. Respect this Effort , Respect yourselves... The sun and the Moon is there..... The ways to Heaven for infos