Hifi Cartel and R&S Records present James Blake (Dj Set)

  • Wednesday, May 11, 2011, The HiFi Cartel and R&S Records present JAMES BLAKE (DJ Set) at Tammany Hall, New York City. Following his appearance at Bowery Ballroom earlier in the evening, James Blake will be performing his first ever DJ set in the United States. In support of him will be minimal bass producer and member of Blake’s band Airhead as well as fellow R&S artist The Chain. R&S Records is a prestigious label that stretches between the past and present parameters of underground dance culture. The previously Belgian-based label was home to landmark releases in the early-to-mid ‘90s from artists such as Joey Beltram, Jaydee, Model 500 and the enigmatic legend that is Aphex Twin. It was only a couple of years back when R&S was rejuvenated within the confines of the UK, currently releasing material from a crop of producers that are doing what the previous generation did in many ways. Acts like Blawan, Lone and Pariah have been pushing the boundaries of bass culture in ways unimaginable, and with a crop of new releases along the way from the aforementioned artists (as well as new acts), R&S brings their unique and ubiquitous effect on dance culture to New York City for one night only. James Blake is a producer, DJ, and live musician based out of the United Kingdom. James Blake first garnered attention through his deep and melodic dubstep productions that began to emerge in 2009. His remix of Untold’s “Stop What You’re Doing” released on Hemlock caused the blogosphere to erupt with chatter, and immediately focused the music community’s attention on his outstanding DJ sets, which were gaining notoriety in the UK and beyond. The release of his EP The Bells Sketch in March of 2010, and of CMYK a few months later, represented a maturation of his sound; a movement away from his more dubstep centered production and towards the more stripped down melody that would characterize his first full length album. Released in February of this year, the album falls safely within the realm of the electronic genre, while heavily emphasizing piano and the increased integration of vocal elements, both of which are performed by James himself. This ability to combine both the beat driven musicality of an electronic track with the emotional and sentimental weight of folk music has truly set James apart and caused him to skyrocket to such notoriety at such a young age. This event is strictly 21+ with ID. Tammany Hall 152 Orchard St (between Rivington St & Stanton St) New York, NY 10002
  • Hifi Cartel and R&S Records present James Blake (Dj Set) - Flyer front