• To celebrate Resident Advisor's 10th anniversary, we've cooked up something rather epic: a series of ten parties in ten cities around the world, each with a secret headliner. We take it the ten parties in ten cities thing is pretty easy to understand, so here's the deal with the secret headliners: each event will feature one carefully selected artist who we think has positively influenced the electronic music landscape over the past decade. Their identities will remain strictly under wraps until they take the stage. Up to that point, each one will be known simply as the X (see what we did there?). Tokyo's eleven club is one of the final stops in our tenth anniversary celebration. To mark the event, we've brought along a few of our favourites to help us get down properly. Mathew Jonson will bring his trademark live set to the club, the sound of Berlin will be represented ably by Sammy D and Circus Company boss Sety will add a French touch to the proceedings. On a more local tip, deep house DJ/producer Stereociti will also spin. They'll all be joined by our mystery headliner, who is set to make an exclusive appearance in the country. As always, we also have a limited edition poster available. This particular design was done by Ghostly International designer <a href=http://cinaart.com/>Michael Cina</a>. He takes full advantage of the screen printing process: each poster uses between one and four screens, and each combination of screens creates a different set of patterns and colors. 15 variations of the poster exist in the series overall. There will be only 75 screen prints of the poster, and it will only be sold on RA. <span class=grey>Note: Buying a poster doesn't include entry to the event. Posters printed and numbered in the following: Layer (Number series) 124 (1-6), 1234 (7-12), 1 (13-20), 12 (21-26), 123 (27-32), 13 (33-36), 134 (37-38), 14 (39-44), 2 (45-50), 23 (51-56), 234 (57-60), 24 (61-64), 3 (65-69), 34 (70-73), 4 (74-75)</span> 世界屈指のオンライン・エレクトロニックミュージック・マガジン Resident Advisor(以下RA)が2011年となる今年、設立10周年を記念し世界の10都市でパーティー「RA X」を開催。ラインナップには最新のテクノ/ハウスをフィーチャーし、各パーティに一人ずつ「X」(シークレットヘッドライナー)と、それを取り巻く豪華アーティストを迎える。 その第8回目を、東京は西麻布elevenで開催。RAが選出した過去10年間のエレクトロニック・ミュージック・シーンにおいて多大な影響を及ぼしているアーティスト「X」を筆頭に、Sammy Dee (Ultrastretch, PERLON)、Mathew Jonson (Wagon Repair)、Sety (Circus Company)、そして日本からは STEREOCiTI (Mojuba) が出演する。「X」の正体は「RA X」開催まで公表されることなく、当日会場にて明らかとなる。 「RA X」東京編のポスターを手掛けるのは、Ghostly International でのアートワークで知られる Mike Cina。シルクスクリーン印刷による15ヴァージョンのデザインで限定75枚制作。
  • RA X - Flyer front
    RA X - Flyer back