• To celebrate Resident Advisor's 10th anniversary, we've cooked up something rather epic: a series of ten parties in ten cities around the world, each with a secret headliner. We take it the ten parties in ten cities thing is pretty easy to understand, so here's the deal with the secret headliners: each event will feature one carefully selected artist who we think has positively influenced the electronic music landscape over the past decade. Their identities will remain strictly under wraps until they take the stage. Up to that point, each one will be known simply as the X (see what we did there?). For the third event in the series, RA touches down in Brazil with clutch of house and tech house artists. First up is Ewan Pearson, author, celebrated remixer and the man behind one of our favorite releases of last year, <i>We Are Proud of Our Choices</i>. For fans of left-of-center sounds, there's Losoul, a veteran of Germany's Playhouse imprint, and acclaimed Dial artist John Roberts. Dubshape add some local flavor to the bill. As for the X, well, you know the deal. The poster for this one is by <a href=http://www.erosie.net/>Erosie</a>, a Dutch street artist that electronic fans might know by his sleeve designs for Martyn's label, 3024. As usual, only 75 will be available, all screen-printed and sold only on RA. It's shipping internationally too for those of you who can't be there but would still like a piece of the action. <span class=grey>Buying a poster doesn't include entry to the event.</span>
  • RA X - Flyer front
    RA X - Flyer back