Continental Drift presents ASC

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    B2F ASC (Non Plus+ / Auxillary / Exit / Autonomic) C_olvrin (Continental Drift / Mariana) Conoley Ospovat (Continental Drift / Real Grooves) B1F-CHILL ROOM- Hiyoshi (Global Chillage) Chris (MNML SSGS) Yusaku Shigeyasu (Basement Ltd.) Turtle (Continental Drift)
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  • "Continental Drift Presents ASC" is the first in a series of parties with one simple goal……. to bring cutting edge sounds of the highest caliber to Tokyo. No artist was higher on our list than James Clements aka ASC, who along with fellow leaders of the “Autonomic Movement”, dBridge & Instra:mental, has redefined the possibilities of drum & bass music. With already a long career behind him with dozens of releases on esteemed labels like "720 Degrees", "Offshore" & his own "Covert Operations", James` is certainly no stranger to "kick you in the head" bass music. But his current sound is a more minimal one, finding its power less in the tuffness of the kick drum and more through the beauty found in deep space atmospherics punctuated with razor-sharp drum programming that leans heavily to the future. 2010`s "Nothing is Certain" on Instra:mental `s popular NonPlus+ label showcased this new sound & was certainly one of the album`s of the year. James` more recent outings on his newly formed Auxillary imprint are pushing this sound even further, well into the realms of deep space. ASC`s long awaited Japan debut will be a 3 hour dj set bridging the gap of all things ASC........This is the music of now! Opening the night will be Continental Drift`s C_Olvrin performing one of his genre-bending mixes that find common threads in unlikely places. "Mariana" resident & hotly-tipped by the likes of Cio D`or, Craig`s sets are strongly influenced by his love for hypnosis inducing sounds design & his perpetual quest for the unexplored. Closing will be fellow cdrift label mate & "Real Grooves" resident, Conoley Ospovat, performing one of his highly-original live sets that are designed for your head as much as your feet. Conoley`s sound is continually evolving & his current incarnation will provide some sophisticated 4/4 relief to a night of many broken beats. Upstairs, the "Chill Room" will be an eclectic bunch featuring Hiyoshi, who`s delicate touch has made his sets an annual high-light at "the Labyrinth", Chris from MNML SSGS, Yusaku Shigeyasu from Basement Ltd., along with avid record collector Turtle (Continental Drift)
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