War of the Worlds

  • The War of the Worlds Consortium, in association with Hardware, Smile Police, the Fractured posse & Elementz Drum n' Bass arena, present… War Of The Worlds V BATTLE STATIONS 2049 Saturday September 20 A year has past since we left earth and set out on our journey deep into space. With our cities in ruin and our planet almost destroyed we mobilised every ship we had left and set out to destroy the alien threat. As our fleet nears the outer reaches of the galaxy, our troops (and Armoured assault craft) prepare for what will be the greatest battle that mankind has ever had to fight… The War of the Worlds continues… On September 20th 2003, the fifth instalment of the War Of The Worlds (WOTW) lands in Melbourne. The battle is bigger but the commitment to the vision remains the same. The name speaks for itself. The lineup speaks for itself.