Discovery & Hang The Dj Day & Night with Psychemagik & Tornado Wallace

  • Discovery returns for the last Bank holiday bash of May with a humdinger of a party joining the Discovery gang are good friends the Hang the Dj collective who will hosting the Horse & Groom loft with 2 special guests who are making serious waves in underground house music James Fox (TAKE Records) & PhOtOmachine (Super) while downstairs Discoverys Neil Thornton, Dave Rose & co will be doing the disco & deep house During the daytime session at the Papermill guests from both Discovery & Hang the dj camps will be warming up the party plus special guest Psychemagik who will be playing on the decorated terrace with tasty BBQ to boot warming the crowd ready for the antics ahead. Psychemagik -Psychemagik are currently recording their debut album in their remote countryside studio. The album covers many styles and genres but manages to weave them all together to create a unique sound. Their vast and varied record collection is reflected in the melting pot of sounds that take you from balearic to folk, deep electro synth jams to heavy funk, lush orchestral soul through to psychedelic hip hop and beyond. PhOtOmachine (Super)- PhOtOmachine is the mysterious DJ and producer from Brixton. He grew up around the Saxon Reggae soundsystem and as far as musical schooling goes we're sure it doesn’t get much better and the results can beheard on his debut EP - Technicolour (Super Recordings). We highly recommend you check it, its warped house music for the garage generation made with too much soul (is that possible?). We have been fans of PhOtOmachine for a while, he is our type of DJ and producer. Eclectic, interesting and always with an eye on the dancefloor whether it be through his bone-rattling, yet soulful production, or DJ sets spanning the spectrum of good house music....oh, and we also witnessed him negotiate every DJs worst nightmare with a cool head - a pissed Peaches Geldoff giving him hassle in the DJ booth! Respect. James Fox (TAKE Records)- When Jacques Greene describes your recent single as "the best shit out right now.” we don’t feel like we really need say much more........but we will. He is also the head of Take records and anyone who writes for RA is a lot better Wordsworth than us, and sums him up nicely- “Unrestricted by genre, his tracks and sets join the dots between bass-driven house music, broken UK flavours and soulful Motor City influences.” Sound perfect? Check his mixes and production they pretty much are. Hang the Dj- That's it - the word's out. Were you there? Did you hear it? Could you feel it? 'Don't you miss it, don't you miss it. Some 'a you people just about missed it!'. With soul shaking parties bringing the underground talents of Deep Space Orchestra, Gang Colours, Eliphino, Gerry Read and Lucky Paul to name a few, we feel our intentions have been made clear - this 'aint no run of the mill, average joe throwdown y'all. This is about much more than just the amazing music we play, its about creating timeless party moments and killer vibes - making you feel truly alive. A benovolent, omiscient, omnipresent and all-encompassing mother of a bashment, if you will. Believe that. Up next we're taking it back to our trademark loft party vibes - with not one, but two smoulderingly hot acts to satisfying your urges - PhOtOmachine and James Fox. Backed up by our trusty 'somethinksounds' label mainstay Eliphino, the HTDJ residents Kazim Kazim Kazim + Andy Lemay and Bobby. It don't get much fresher than that, we'll see you on the candelit dancefloor getting down, hard x
  • Discovery & Hang The Dj Day & Night with Psychemagik & Tornado Wallace - Flyer front