Thursday - Tomas Es, Jerikon, Philipp Draf

  • ~Tomas Es (Moshi Moshi) Resopal, Dimmer, Rhythmetic ~Jerikon ~Philipp Draf - -Tomas Es Tomas Es a.k.a. Tomas Stratakis was born in Crete in 1991. From his early years he was into music,particularly rock and metal. When he got 12 he started playing the guitar and later on drums and a bit of bass guitar. In 2005 he created a metal band with some friends but it didn't work out. By that time he was looking up to his uncle who was a dj with a vast collection of records and big love for music. At the age of 16 he got into a different style of music. He began collecting hip hop records and started djing for small parties. As he mastered and developed his djing skills he got into clubs and got himself residencies and guest performances in some of the best clubs across his city. At the same time his close friend and now partner Jo Papa, had already started djing but in a different style of music. This music was House and Techno which Tomas Es found really interesting. Together with Jo Papa,they formed a djing and producing duo. Tomas Es is influenced by a variety of music genres. His music thoughts take elements out of jazz,funk,hip hop to metal and rock.On the electronic side of him some influences are artists such as Gemini,Lemos,Shur-I-Kan and others. -Jerikon Jerikon aka Konstantinos Tziritas was born in Crete in 1989. As time went by he was listening to many different kinds of music such as classical rock, Jazz, Soul and many more. Discovering his parent's collection of vinyls and cd's and collecting his own music, he started to get deeper into the music industry. At the age of 17 he started to playing music at small bars getting more and more into music. Two years later house and techno music took all his attention. By the 3rd year of his college life, Konstantinos thought that it would be challenging to start writing his own music. His music productions are an improvisation of house and techno music, combined sometimes with Jazz and soul elements. Free Entrance Starts @ 00:00
  • Thursday - Tomas Es, Jerikon, Philipp Draf - Flyer front