• *CELEBRATING GREG FIELD'S 22ND!* After a successful evening of craziness last week, we're back and even better than last time. If you can believe that. Pound for pound, Paradigm is the finest nightclub in Tallahassee. Pair that with competitive drink specials, and 4 of the finest DJ's in town... need I say more? So here are the details: Ages: 18+ Girls / 21+ Guys. Admission: $5. REDUCED ADMISSION WITH RSVP. Admission w/ RSVP: $3 guys, FREE for girls. RSVP Email: [email protected] Drinks: 2$ Drafts / 3$ Wells. Nuts. Dress Code: Dress to impress! Music Lineup: Chillout 10-11: Bryan Armalavage (faithinlogic.com/nowhere promotions/second hand promote) House 11-12:MARK STARR (baja's afterhours/rooted bookings/west palm, FL) House 12-1:. marco paez Hip-Hop/House 1-2:Trent R. (Lower Lounge) And you NEVER know what kind of surprises we might still have in store! If you were there last week, you know what I'm talking about! **DONT FORGET TO RSVP!** Add us to your myspace friends: www.myspace.com/tallahasseehouse
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