Lost Festival & Afterparty

  • Venue
    Party Boat Tourmalijn
  • Date
    Sat, 16 Apr 201110:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Attending
    • 2
  • What : PARTY BOAT MUSIC FESTIVAL Where : TOURMALIJN, ROTTERDAM Date&Time : APRIL 16TH, 22.00 – 06.00 Price : 17,50 EURO Afterparty: Waterfront, Rotterdam Have you ever been LOST in music? Well, you don’t want to miss this experience! DON’T LET THIS PARTY SAIL BY…GET ON BOARD AND EXPERIENCE A MUSICAL HIGH! This event is first in its class. Our city is known for its party boats, but the force behind party boat music festival LOST is that seasoned experts will transform our boat by magic into a dazzling paradise on water. Most recently 2Recordz collaborated on the successful Afro Acid event on the Pureliner during Amsterdam Dance Event but they are also the creative minds behind many other party boat events across Rotterdam and Amsterdam! So, it's only natural that they are the ones to first create a Party Boat Music Festival at the Meuse in Rotterdam. LOST is the very first music festival on a boat and by the looks of it, it won't be the last. Getting great feedback and support from international top DJ’s that are excited to help launching this concept. LOST will very soon be a household concept. Along with its unique choice of venue, the tremendous focus on the decor and visual themes are amazing. Their goal is to move anyone who steps on board to an exquisite zone immediately. There is a fixation on YOU, your experience and the musical audience every step of the way. Much thought has gone into an incredible line-up and a marvelous concept that promise you will be LOST in the music and the scenery. Picture yourself on a series of Islands one after another. On each Island, you are faced with a different cultural and musical vibe. Each Island is created specifically to take you on a unique musical high - one you’ve never experienced before. This boat adventure features two of the greatest names in the Electronic scene today: DJ Pierre (USA) and Gene Farris (USA)! They are known for their contributions to the musical legacy in and out of Chicago. DJ Pierre is known as the creator of Acid House and the Wild Pitch sound. He was one of the main actors when House, Acid house, Techno and Electro first blasted from the speakers in Chicago and Detroit for the very first time and he is still around today rocking his We Love @ Space Residency in Ibiza the last 4 years. Gene Farris another highlight from the U.S.A. is the “new” face of the Chicago scene as he mixes funk and techhouse. With his energetic tech-vibe Gene Farris makes sure that on all dance floors he shows up the crowd goes wild.His energy is never ending and you will be LOST in his sweaty deliverance! They’ve crossed over to Europe, to show everybody that where there’s a great DJ, there’s a great party! To pick up where they leave off is Rotterdam’s young, sexy and talented duo RULEX! A Rulex’ party always delivers! Sergio Mega the party king of The Ukraine, well-known for his uplifting releases and remixes, adds his touch to the night with a heavy but funky DJ set. Next to the above-mentioned DJ’s, talented locals also get in the mix and together they take YOU to this divine paradise gliding through the water. AFTERPARTY AT WATERFRONT, ROTTERDAM !
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