Monster Monster 4th Birthday Burlesque Carnival feat Skream

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    Skream, Demon_DJ, Miguel, Luke Smith
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  • MUSIC TO MAKE YOU STAGGER! Yes Monster Monster... 4 Years in 07! "The most amazing 4 years of my life, I give you the deepest thanks from all of me, for your energies, efforts, smiles & beautiful freakery. As I cast my mind back over these times I still can't believe what has happened. I am constantly excited & humbled by your reactions & vibrations. Here's to the next 4 & the 44 after that.." Demon_DJ We all know May is a special time.. You know Monster always brings something different to twist your minds & this month is no exception. SKREAM The London based pioneer who brought us 'Midnight Request Line' & album 'Skream!' is taking the world by storm with his unique sound. If you're dubstep shy, now is the time to begin your love affair (Distance, Digital Mystiks, Benga, Loefah, Burial, Kode9, Vex'd & Pinch) The biggest soundsystem yet on both floors for a night of celebration & BASS with live hiphop & vocals, closeup magic, stilt walkers, freaky dancers, balloons, burlesque, samba drummers, live visuals & free gifts! CARNIVAL! CARNIVAL! CARNIVAL! ADVANCE TICKETS (ticketm8 - 50p b/fee) Limited tickets will also soon be available in cash from Joshua Brooks Check our myspace for updates on when they will be available DEMON_DJ On Dex & Vox, your host Bringing All Scenes, Styles & Minds Together ELECTRO ROCK HIP HOP DUB STEP BREAK BEAT DRUM BASS 4th Birthday Lineup: Skream (Dubstep - Tempa Records) - Demon_DJ (Sleazecore, Monster Monster) - Miguel (DnB/Metal - Homegrown Presents/Soundproof/Metropolis) - Luke Smith (Hip Hop/Turntablist) - Lady EJ (Live) (Hip Hop MC) - Crown Jewelz (Live) (Hip Hop/Grime MC) - Kathika Rabbit (Live) (Vocals) - and featuring: Slutch Girls Rock Burlesque Show - 'Flash' - Close up Magic, Stilt Walking & Balloon Modelling Republic of Swing Bateria Samba Band (Live) - Ultra-Violet Violence - Freaky Dancers - Live visuals from ProBekTor & Skadseye MONSTER OF THE MOMENT "The only (legal) place I've found to keep it truly surreal these days. Ramblers, revolutionaries, ravers & rejects, they're all there in exquisite technicoloured glory. Monster is part circus, part installation, part stripclub, part madhouse, part gig & Mancunian night life would just be far far FAR too f'king greyscale without it." Random Facts : * Has been to see Gary Glitter five times "in concert of course, not privately - I'm much too old for him now" * Plans to someday fill the gap in the industry for faux-kitty-grrrrl porn "'Alley [email protected]', or 'Pussy Prowl' perhaps - something along the lines of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'CATS' with a raunchier edge & without the musical score .. there may still be dancing .. & cream .." If you would like to be considered to win guestlist .. tell us why you love Monster, with some random facts about yourself & send us a pic of yourself from Monster! Peace & Beats Mister Monster
  • Monster Monster 4th Birthday Burlesque Carnival feat Skream - Flyer front
    Monster Monster 4th Birthday Burlesque Carnival feat Skream - Flyer back