Retro Futuro - Slow Motion Release Party

  • RETRO FUTURO // SLOW MOTION Records Release Party Come and join us as we take over the recently refurbished PICK NICK club to celebrate the release of our new Slow Motion record Musica: DISCODROMO (Slow Motion, CockTail d´Amore, Internasjonal) PLANNINGTOROCK Dj Set (DFA / Rostron Records) FRANZ UNDERWEAR (Slow Motion) DSB ( Sameheads, Family Fortune) EMIL DOESN?T DRIVE (Subpreme) DIMITRI (Return To Zero, So Emotional) About: A crack team of commandoes have been installed to deliver a disco assault the likes of which have not been seen since Saigon 1983. Stars of the night Discodromo will be bringing their tough guy disco beats and italian lazers to bear on the floor with orders to shoot all stationary targets. They will be joined by Berlin's first lady of alt-disco, house and special operations Planning To Rock on special secondment from DFA. Providing support will be a trio of Berlin special forces operatives. Berlin's Prince of Italo, eastern no-wave and bulgarian grooves Emil Doesn't Drive will be packing some next disco level heat, dsb will be arriving with his bag jam-full of wtf oddities, acid-funk and jackin' disco and Dimitri will do the So Emotional shit. You have been warned. They will be joined by the hardest working man in disco, and commander of operations - Franz Underwear. More: PICKNICK / Dorotheenstraße 90 / Berlin - Mitte (10117) S-Bhf. Unter den Linden oder S-/U-Bhf. Friedrichstraße
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