Fluffy Logic

  • Fluffy Logic provides a warm & comfortable environment for people to party in. Reliably good music, visuals, decor, lighting, atmosphere and people. No stress, no hassle, just a great party. On the 25th March, we're returning to Stunners Studios. Come join us for another night of bouncy house and anything else we think you'll like. Line up **Asad Rizvi** Throughout his career in dance music, Asad Rizvi has maintained the uncommon position of being a DJ and a producer respected equally in both crafts. His infectious yet eclectic slant on House music regularly allows him to satisfy the most purist dancefloors on the scene to the most up-for-it commercial crowds. Recent releases Me Tangere and Fair Dinkum have been rocking dancefloors worldwide and have been firm Fluffy Logic favourites for the past couple of months. DJ support for these tracks reads like an A-Z of quintessential international DJs. We are truly lucky to have him playing for us in an intimate London venue. **Solarity** Since their very first release appeared in the record crates of some of the world's most popular house & Techno DJs in July 2008, Solarity have been proving themselves as a shining beacon of innovation in an often stagnant musical world. At a time in dance music where genre continues to be obsessed over, Solarity have been pioneering their unique sound with a healthy disregard for categories and labels. **Toby Lyons** A recognised face on the circuit, Toby Lyons has dedicated his life to collecting tunes and refining his DJ skills. He is reputed for his warm, well-rounded and energetic sets that trek across house, deep house, electro, disco as well as engaging obscurities to keep things fresh. **Zach Walker** After a manic year of performances all over the UK as well as America and France, We've finally managed to pin down our favorite visual artist for Fluffy Logic. Zach Walker will be performing live visuals on a custom, multi-screen set up. Décor & Lighting - Hannah Geller & Toby Phillpott For Fluffy Logic, the décor and vibe are as important as the music. Hannah will ensure that your eyes are as happy as your ears. So in case, for some crazy reason, you need a break from the dancefloor, there’ll be seperate installation rooms and chill out spaces, all beautifully decorated. And whether it’s the cosy chillout room or the buzzing dancefloor, our lighting technician, Toby P, will ensure its perfectly lit.
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