Purim Carnival

  • Peace, After last year success, we decide to organizes another crazy costume party -*Purim Carnival* Purim is a traditional Jewish holiday, in which it is a must to wear a costume and party...it even says that one should get drunk until cannot tell the difference between good and bad... ( many of you probably dont have a problem with that) ;) we'll celebrate at the Suicide Circus we got there great sound system (YEAH!), a lot of space, and top DJs... most important, we intend to keep the same special happy atmosphere as always! The party will start at 23:00 with a mixture of Disco House Funk,, that will get us into the carnival mood. At 1:00 we get into the beat with some excellent Tech-House & Minimal music. You surely don't want to miss this wonderful crazy celebration, so start working on your costume! cheers :)
  • Purim Carnival - Flyer front