Toi Toi presents Public Lover (Bruno Pronsato & Ninca Leece)

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    TBA - East London
    • To Be Announced, East London
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    Fri, 25 Feb 201111:30pm - 6:00am
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  • *** GUEST LIST ONLY EVENT **** Please e-mail [email protected] to send names and we will send you instructions to venue, etc. :) Public Lover Bruno Pronsato and girlfriend Ninca Leece as Public Lover is the inevitable result of two people making music for years. While both have had extensive musical careers, this one is a new step - sort of. Ninca Leece released her debut album, There Is No One Else When I Lay Down And Dream, in January 2010 on Bureau B, a popular sub-label of Tapete Records. Her atmospheric and experimental productions and her watery and unique vocals have caught the attention of many critics in Europe. She has been performing for six years throughout Europe and Asia with an array of toys, visuals, computers, and her trusted Nord g4. Bruno Pronsato has released two full-length albums, 16-plus EPs, and countless remixes. His productions have been listed in Resident Advisor's top 100 albums of the decade. He has worked with acclaimed producers such as Thomas Melchior, Sammy Dee, Fumiya Tanaka, and Daze Maxim. Seasoned as a live performer as well, he has traveled around the world sharing his version of experimentalism and dance floor romanticism. Armed with sonic satin, they look forward to shocking you with their brilliance, charm, and utter deepness. Let's hold hands and celebrate LOVE on Valentine's month!! Ste Roberts and Alex Jones (Hypercolour) Having experienced this b2b and being blown away by it, in addition to following Hypercolour as a label and its consistency through the array of artists and its productions we didn't think twice before booking these two artists. Despite a personality dripping with sharp wit and a seeming inability to take anything TOO seriously, Alex Jones the DJ/Producer is seriously one of the brightest lights in house music in the UK. Ste Roberts is one of the brains behind Hypercolour and Glass Table. With Alex Jones, Jamie Russell and Ryan Hope, Ste has being responsible for shaping the sound and feel of both of these fuckers into absolute monsters, because of his, and their, absolute penchant for quality. It's as simple as that. Tristan Girault This artist has been chosen as a consequence of an impeccable track selection and extensive knowledge about music. Having experienced him at afterparties and knowing him personally has showed us a genuine man with an standout ear for great music, not the obvious selection, someone that is in love with the music that he chooses and man does he dig!? :) Claus Voigtmann No need for introduction on that one, the birthday man this month. Claus is spinning his way through London's most respected clubs/parties and with his very own attitude towards a relentless research and passion towards new music knowledge, he is working on his very own style. Hope to see you all there! Happy Valentine! Music 2.0 Isis, Claus & the Toi.Toi. Crew
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