Monster Monster

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    Kate Isis (Broadbeatz), DJ Tay (Industry Artists), Demon_DJ, Forbidden Tongues - Konnekt Album Launch, Crown Jewelz, Kathika Rabbit
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  • The Garden.. The Fall.. Join us for another night of debauchery with the Monsters & choose either the light or the dark.. Featuring an unmissable lineup of Angels & Demons Kate Isis (Broadbeatz) Exclusive Breakrock set Forbidden Tongues: Konnekt Album Launch Fusing intelligent MCing with raw Hip Hop beats Live Showcase ft: Jaro, Parradox, Chronicle, EJ, Jun Tzu, Guti, Brother Ghazi, Guilty & Mr Tongues DJ Tay (Industry Artists/Metropolis) Representing Female DRUM & BASS selectas Crown Jewelz (Live) Monster's Resident MC, as featured on Made in Manchester Mixtape Vol I (Out Now) Kathika Rabbit (Live) The Voice of a Fallen Angel Demon_DJ (Live) On Dex & Vox, your host Bringing All Scenes, Styles & Minds Together
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