Hot Boxx with Catz N' Dogz

  • Hot Boxx returns this month with an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, juicy line up... Catz N' Dogz Moustache Mamas Little Mike The one & only Catz N' Dogz (Dirtybird, Mothership, Get Physical) If you don’t know them by now, their full Polish names are Grzegorz and Wojciech but you can call them Greg and Voitek. We call them lovely ;) They'll be parlaying in a special Hot Boxx set for the Kleine Reise crew, featuring the deepest of deep, who's up in your house, and disco delights. Little Mike Two words: Double Rainbow. Just sayin. (stay tuned, you'll be pleasantly surprised by his balls-to-the wall DJ approach & freakishly good looks) Moustache Mamas (Hot Boxx) Your hostesses with the most. 5 EUR at the door. 3 EUR advance, email: [email protected] See you there. xo The Mamas
  • Hot Boxx with Catz N' Dogz - Flyer front